The Bosch kitchen.
Perfection in every detail.

With our heritage in quality German engineering, a Bosch kitchen is the precise balance of form and function.

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Bosch dishwashers are flexible enough to handle life.


Bosch provides the ultimate exterior protection against fingerprints, dirt and smudges, making it so easy to keep your appliances looking as good as the day you bought them.

Utility Rack

With the Bosch utility rack, you never need to hand-wash those ‘hard-to-place’ items again. Use the utility rack for a safe and effective cleaning.

MyWay™ Rack

Introducing MyWay™ rack, the biggest thing to happen to dishwashers. With the industry’s largest 3rd rack loading capacity**, no matter how you load your dishes, MyWay helps you do it your way. Cereal bowls, spatulas, whisks...MyWay rack holds them all.

RackMatic® Adjustable Rack

This remarkable middle rack easily raises or lowers in just one step, even when full. Designed to fit taller items like stemware in the middle rack while leaving room for pots and pans below. It offers three different heights and up to 9 separate rack options.

EasyGlide™ Rack System

For a level of quality you can both touch and feel we’ve incorporated smooth-rolling ball bearings to our rack wheels. The result is a smoother glide that opens effortlessly—even with a fully loaded rack—for a more premium feel with every pull.

24/7 AquaStop® System

With 24/7 leak detection and prevention system, once a leak is detected the machine will automatically shut down operation ensuring 100% protection against water damage. A fully enclosed base underneath the dishwasher gives you added protection and peace of mind.


Based on our legendary sound-reduction technology, Ascenta® dishwashers are so quiet, we provide an InfoLight® that projects a red light onto the floor to signal that a cycle is running. It turns off once the dishes are done.

FlexSpace™ Tines

This new feature lets you make room for larger, bulkier items by folding back every other tine in one simple step. It’s quality down to the tine-iest detail. Available on most lower racks.

Handle Design Options

Your kitchen has a style all its own and each homeowner has their own ideas of how their appliances should look. That’s why Bosch dishwashers offer you a choice of handles, and you can select a bar, pocket or scoop handle that will perfectly suit your kitchen.

Explore the differences in Bosch Dishwashers
100 Series
300 Series
500 Series
800 Series
800+ MyWay™
Wash Cycles/Options 6 Cycles / 4 Options4 4 Cycles / 4 Options 5 Cycles / 5 Options 6 Cycles / 5 Options 6 Cycles / 6 Options
Decible Rating 48-50 dBA 46 dBA 44 dBA 44 dBA 39 dBA
Third Rack Utility Rack/Standard
*Select Models
Standard Flexible Premium MyWay™ Rack
Rack Adjustability RackMaticTM Adjustable System4 Manual
Adjustable System
Adjustable System
Adjustable System
Adjustable System
Tub Material Stainless Steel w/PP1 Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
# of Place Settings 15 Place Settings 15 Place Settings 16 Place Settings 16 Place Settings 16 Place Settings
Leak Protection System 24/7 Overflow Protection 24/7 AquaStop® 24/7 AquaStop® 24/7 AquaStop® 24/7 AquaStop®
Control Type Electronic Controls Electronic Controls Electronic Controls Capacitive Touch Controls Capacitive Touch Controls
InfoLight® 2
Annual Energy/Water Consumption 269 KWh/yr 259 kWh/yr 259 kWh/yr 259 kWh/yr 269 kWh/yr
Handle Options Recessed / Bar4 Recessed / Scoop / Bar / Pocket / Custom Panel3 Recessed / Bar / Pocket Recessed / Bar / Pocket / Custom Panel Bar
Colour Options Stainless Steel / Black / White4 Stainless Steel / Black / White4 Stainless Steel / Black / White4 Stainless Steel / Black / White4 Stainless Steel
  • 1 Polypropylene
  • 2 SHX/P/V Only
  • 3 SHE Only
  • 4 Depending on Model
  • *Based on an average of sound rating for 24" Full Size Stainless Steel Tub dishwashers contained in major brands websites. Major brands defined as TraQline Top 5 Market Share. December 2016.
  • **The industry's largest 3rd rack capacity vs. major brands with a 3rd rack. Major brands defined as TraQline Top 5 Market Share March 2017.


Bosch brings its expertise in European design to your kitchen, offering a perfectly flush line
that blends in seamlessly to any kitchen style.

Whatever your kitchen design, Bosch wall ovens offer optimum design flexibility.

Form and function go hand and hand when you have a Bosch wall oven. They’re sleek and stylish, flexible enough to be installed side by side or stacked vertically. You can choose to fit them seamlessly into your kitchen for a European look, or go proud for a traditional style.


Three brilliant ways to cook. One exceptional way to engineer them.

Gas, electric, or induction: which Bosch cooktop will you choose? No matter which style you bring home you’ll get a sleek European design, precise cooking performance and options like high heat and low simmer, easy-to-clean glass surfaces, solid stainless steel frames, and attractive die-cast metal knobs.


It’s faster. It’s better. It’s a new way of cooking.

If you’ve never heard of a speed oven then you’re in for a treat. Bosch speed ovens combine the power of convection oven cooking with the speed of a microwave, and you get fast, oven-quality cooking and 5 cooking modes for every dish you’d like to bake, broil, or microwave.


Love a sleek, built-in look but only have room for a range?

Now you can make a big change in your kitchen by switching to a slide-in range without changing your cabinets or countertops. Bosch Canada gives you sleek, full-depth ranges in gas, dual-fuel, induction, or electric. They fit into existing 30” spaces to optimize counter space, offer five burners, and even have a handy warming drawer.


Warmly recommended:
Bosch Microwave Drawer

Microwave opens and closes automatically with the push of a button, and can be installed flush to cabinet. Convenient automatic sensor programs simplify cooking for perfect results. White touch control LCD matches Bosch wall ovens. Able to fit a 20 oz. cup or a 13" x 9" baking oven pan. Low profile design with touch “open” and “close”.


Modern art, sculpted in steel.

Bring the beauty of Bosch to every corner of your kitchen with a Bosch stainless steel hood. When you install one you can complete your Bosch kitchen suite and bring that same seamless style of your Bosch appliances to a versatile hood.

Explore the
differences in
Bosch Wall Ovens
500 Series Wall Oven
800 Series Wall Oven
Oven Capacity 4.6 cu ft. 4.6 cu ft.
Cleaning Type Self Clean Self Clean
Telescopic Rack
Convection Geniune European Convection Geniune European Convection
Controls Stainless Steel Knobs Touch Controls
QuietClose® Door
Meat Probe
# of Interior Lights 1 2
Bake/Broil Wattage 2,400 / 3,800 W 2,400 / 3,800 W
Convection Wattage 2000 W 2000 W
Size Options 30" & 27" 30" & 27"
Colour Options Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Explore the
differences in
500 Series
800 Series
Cooktop Type Gas Gas
Sizes Available 24", 30", 36" 30" & 36"
Colour Stainless Steel Stainless Steel & Black
# of burners 24',30' (4) 36" (5) 5
Controls metal knob metal knob
Sealed Burners 1
Automatic Electronic Re-Ignition 2
LP Conversion Kit Included 3
Grate Material Cast Iron Cast Iron
BTU 34700, 51500 59500
  1. [^] Sealed Burners: Prevent Spills from Entering the Burner Box
  2. [^] Automatic Electronic Re-Ignition: In Case Flame Goes Out, the Burner is Automatically Re-Ignited
  3. [^] LP Conversion Kit Included: Easy Conversion from Natural Gas to Liquid Propane
Explore the
differences in
500 Series
800 Series
Cooktop Type Electric Electric
Sizes Available 24", 30", 36" 30" & 36"
Available Framed and/or non Framed frameless both
# of burners 4 (30"), 5 (36") 4 (30"), 5 (36")
Controls Knob Touch
Bridge Element
Automatic Shut off
Childlock 1
PreciseSelectTM 2
Wattage 6600, 7200 9600
  1. [^] Childlock: Prevents the Cooktop from Being Accidentially Switched on. Locks Temperature Settings if in Use.
  2. [^] PreciseSelectTM: Direct Cooking Level Selection (17 Settings)
Explore the
differences in
500 Series
800 Series
Cooktop Type Induction Induction
Sizes Available 30" & 36" 30" & 36"
Available Framed and/or non Framed frameless both
# of burners 5 5
Controls Touch Touch
Speed BoostTM 1
Auto Chef® 2
Childlock 3
PreciseSelectTM 4
Wattage 3700 (30"), 5400 (36") 3700 (30"), 5400 (36")
  1. [^] Speed BoostTM: Boils Water 2x as Fast as Conventional Electric Cooktops.
  2. [^] Auto Chef®: A Bosch Exclusive. Maintains Exact Frying Temperature.
  3. [^] Childlock: Prevents the Cooktop from Being Accidentially Switched on. Locks Temperature Settings if in Use.
  4. [^] PreciseSelectTM: Direct Cooking Level Selection (17 Settings)
Explore the
differences in
Ventilation Hoods
300 Series
500 Series
CFM 280 400
# of Lights 2 2 (not included)
Bulb Type Incadescent Halogen
# of Power Levels 3 4
Operating Mode Convertible Ducted/ Recirculating Convertible Ducted/ Recirculating
# of Speed Settings 3-Stage 4-Stage
Damper Included
Grease Filter Material Aluminum Aluminum
Grease Filter Type Multilayer Cassette Multilayer Cassette
Explore the
differences in
Bosch Over-the-Range Microwaves
300 Series
500 Series
Capacity 1.6 cu ft. 2.1 cu ft.
Max. Microwave Power 1,000W 1,000W
Auto Cook Functions
CFM 300 385
Sensor Cooking
Turntable Diameter 13 5/8" 14 3/16"
Cavity Colour White White


The new definition of cool.

Fresh fruit & vegetables,
days later.

To keep food from spoiling your refrigerator needs to maintain the perfect balance of temperature and humidity. Bosch refrigerators do that and more. VitaFresh technology and VitaFresh drawers store your food and automatically maintain that optimal internal balance so you don’t have to guess what the right levels are for your produce.

Boosts air circulation for even temperature.

Ever wonder what goes on behind your refrigerator’s closed door? If you could watch a Bosch refrigerator in action you’d see a fan-assisted MultiAirflow System that sends gentle currents of cold air to keep all corners chilled or frozen. That means cooling times are reduced, and your food experiences minimal temperature fluctuations; so food stays fresh for longer.

Ideal visibility throughout

Cast a bright light on your stored food and see what’s hiding in every corner with a Bosch refrigerator. Thanks to interior LED lights, a completely new concept in refrigerator lighting, you’re guaranteed an even, glare-free, and energy-saving shine whenever you open the door.

The new defintion of cool

How do you add new food to the freezer while preventing your existing frozen food from defrosting? Thanks to SuperFreezeTM on Bosch refrigerators your Bosch appliance will freeze your new food faster and return to normal operation once it’s done. That saves you on energy costs, and preserves fresh food for longer.


Commitment to quality. That's the thinking behind Bosch's German-engineered 24" washer and dryer.

Condensation, the new way to dry.

When you want to go eco-friendly to dry your clothes, the best choice is the Bosch Condensation Dryer. It gently dries your clothes at optimal temperatures using a cool and hot air cycle that takes air from your living area, circulates it into your dryer, and removes any water collected from your clothes through a drain pump.

Quiet operation.

Smooth, quiet, and stable: that’s what you get when you choose a Bosch dryer. The quietest* dryers in the 24” category, Bosch dryers have reinforced sidewall to increase stability and enhanced insulation to reduce noise levels and vibration by 30%. With Bosch you’ll enjoy the sound of near silence while drying your clothes.

Size does matter.

Imagine washing 18 bath towels in a single load. It’s a reality when you bring home Bosch appliances. Just connect a Bosch washing machine in your laundry room and heavy loads will be a piece of cake. Thanks to the innovative raindrop drum pattern, you get powerful cleaning while still protecting your clothes.

When time matters.

You don’t always have time to spend hours on laundry each week, and when you want a load of laundry done fast, Bosch appliances are there to help you get the job done. With SpeedPerfect™ on your Bosch washing machine your load is done 40% faster than other cycles without SpeedPerfect.

Fits just about anywhere.

Bosch compact laundry doesn't require venting so it fits just about anywhere. Whether you live tiny with your laundry in the closet or you’ve got space to spare, Bosch laundry units are a must-have luxury upgrade for any home. The combination of design, easy install, and superior performance make them perfect for your small home, large home, guest suite, or your cabin on the lake.

Explore the
differences in
Bosch Washers & Dryers
300 Series
500 Series
800 Series
800 Series:
Home Connect
Drum Material Washer: Stainless Steel
Dryer: Galvalume
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Quietest (dBA) washing/spinning Washer: 54/73
Dryer: 67
Washer: 52/72
Dryer: 65
Washer: 50/71
Dryer: 63
Washer: 50/71
Dryer: 63
Interior Light (LED) (LED)
Reversible Door Washer: No
Dryer: Yes
Washer: No
Dryer: Yes
Washer: No
Dryer: Yes
Water Leak Protection System AquaShield AquaStop AquaStop Plus
Ventless Installation Washer: No
Dryer: Yes
Washer: No
Dryer: Yes
Washer: No
Dryer: Yes
Washer: No
Dryer: Yes
Super Quick 15 Min Cycle
Drum LED Light
Special Programs Jeans, Heavy Duty Bulky/Large, Towels Super Quick 15, Anti Shrink, Whitest Whites Remote Start your dryer with Home Connect, Premuim LED controls, Wrinkle Block Program, Drying Level Options Program, Illuminated selection jog dial
ENERGY STAR® Qualified Washer: Yes
Dryer: No
  • *According to published information on manufacturer's websites, 24" market (800 Series).

The Home Connect App allows you to remotely monitor and control your Bosch appliances from your smartphone or tablet for greater convenience. From doing the dishes, to brewing a frothy latte to keeping an eye on your oven or laundry, Home Connect allows you the flexibly whenever and wherever you are.

Access Bosch customer service with your smartphone or tablet and grant them remote access to diagnose problems. Easily create IFTTT applets to bridge the gap between your appliances and smart lights and other tech in your home.


A dishwasher that keeps tabs on its detergent.


Stay on top of your energy and water consumption.


Get status updates for your laundry.


Shut off your oven remotely, for the ultimate peace of mind.


Coffee that’s ready before you are.


Help your groceries keep their cool.

Home Connect Partners

The Home Connect App allows you to cooperate with your existing connected products
to save you money and have full connected home experience.

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