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Find the Best Android Tablet for your Needs

Android-powered tablets are rife with advanced features and functionality that will keep you in touch and entertained on the go. Whether you need to a tablet for surfing and social media or one for your professional life, you can find the best Android tablet for you needs from Best Buy’s wide selection. Discover Android tablets from top brands like Samsung, HTC, Acer, ASUS, Dell, and more.

Basic Android Tablet Features to Consider

When shopping for an Android tablet, some basic features to consider are the tablet’s screen size, internal memory, and processor. Consider how and when you’ll be using the tablet when choosing your ideal one. If you love watching movies on your tablet, opt for a larger screen size that’ll bring out the best in what you’re watching. If portability is key, a smaller, more lightweight Android tablet might do the trick. And if you’re constantly multitasking, look for a powerful processor that will keep up with your demands. Most tablets come equipped with built-in WiFi, so you can hit your favourite hotspot to surf, socialize, work, and more. Some even include built-in LTE so you can connect to your existing data plan to be truly connected wherever you are.

Extras to Consider When Buying an Android Tablet

Something that makes Android tablets so great is their ability to be customized. Because it’s open-source software, Android lets you tailor your tablet in unique ways. Plaster your Android tablet’s wallpaper with your favourite vacation photo, customize the home screen with widgets, or browse the selection of over one million apps available on the Google Play store. If you plan to use your Android tablet for snapshots, consider one with a higher rear-camera resolution. And if connectivity options are important, look for options like a USB port, HDMI port, and MHL.

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