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The ABCs of Baby Safety

Make sure your entire home is ready for your baby’s arrival with Best Buy’s wide selection of health and safety products and accessories. Whether you need to baby proof your home, keep an eye on things during the night, or keep your baby’s toys and living space clean and hygienic, you’ll find all the essential items for a safe, happy home.


1. What do I need to baby proof my home?

When babies start to get older and more mobile, they love to explore every nook and cranny they can find and put everything in their mouths, especially when they’re teething. Safety gates are designed to prevent your child from entering potentially unsafe areas of your house, including staircases or any room you deem off-limits. A baby proofing kit includes easy-to-install items, like latches, locks and plugs, that prevent children from opening doors, cabinets and drawers, and from accessing electrical outlets. Consider the cleaners you use on and around your baby, from shampoo and cleaning wipes to cleaning products for bottles, teethers, clothing and more. Safe baby cleaning products and laundry supplies reduce your child’s exposure to commercial disinfectants and other harsh or toxic chemicals that have been linked to health problems.

2. How do I keep a close eye on my baby when I’m not in the room?

Baby monitors let you keep track of your baby while you sleep or when you’re not home. There are many different options available, including analog audio baby monitors, digital baby monitors, video baby monitors and baby monitors that keep track of your child’s movement. You can even use a baby monitor system that lets you check in with your little one when you’re far away by using a web- or smartphone-based interface. These connected devices pair with a compatible mobile device so you can stay up to date on your child’s well-being while away on errands or a business trip.

3. How do I keep my baby safe in the car?

Car and booster seats keep your little one buckled up while in transit. Rear-facing car seats are crucial for your baby’s first six to 12 months. They’re designed to protect your child’s back, head and neck, and prevent the head from jolting forward in a frontal crash. Some of these car seats conveniently attach to a compatible stroller, simplifying the process of getting baby from the car to the stroller and back again. This way you avoid waking up your snoozing baby while unstrapping the harness. For versatility, a convertible car seat transforms as your baby grows, allowing you to switch between booster and toddler seats with ease. Once your child grows to a certain weight and develops stronger back and neck muscles, they may need a forward-facing car seat. For a more detailed rundown on car seat safety, check out our comprehensive car seat buying guide.

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