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FAQ About Bar & Wine Fridges

Is your fridge overflowing with a constant supply of craft beer, white wine, or sodas? Consider a bar fridge or wine cooler to give your favourite beverages a home of their own. If you're not sure what to look for when choosing a bar or wine fridge, then check out these answers to some frequently asked questions.

Why should I consider a bar fridge or wine fridge?

If you're a wine aficionado with dreams of a cellar, you can start with the next best thing: a wine cooler. It'll store your wine in ideal conditions, and allow you to show off your prized collection at the same time. Need a fridge for your dorm room, man cave, or studio apartment? A bar fridge may be your best bet. It offers an ideal spot to store drinks or groceries without taking up much space.

What are the differences between a bar fridge and a wine cooler?

A bar fridge is a compact refrigerator ideal for chilling soda, water, beer, and other beverages. Some bar fridges have a freezer compartment for keeping frozen treats close at hand. A wine fridge is designed specifically for storing wine. It provides optimal temperature and storage conditions for preserving your prized vintages and meritages until you're ready to drink them.

How do I choose a bar fridge or wine fridge?

When choosing your ideal bar or wine fridge, consider size and capacity to ensure it will fit in your space and there's enough room for your favourite drinks. Red and white wine lovers should look for a wine cooler with dual temperature zones to accommodate everything from merlot to Riesling. Shelving and racks will keep wine, beverages, and snacks neat and organized, while a clear glass door will showcase what's inside.

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