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Calculators: The Perfect Tools for Crunching Numbers

For most of us, math is something we learned in school, then promptly forgot all about because we never used it during our daily lives. Other people, however, use math as part of their education or job. For these math-focused individuals, the calculator is an essential tool that can help them ace an exam or perform their regular work duties.

Check almost any physics student's bag and you'll probably find a scientific or graphing calculator inside. For many accountants an accounting or printing calculator takes up a special spot on their desk, because they rely on it on a regular basis. Engineers, scientists, and architects have used specialized calculators to help them send rockets into space, build massive structures, and explore the wonders of the universe.

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Types of Calculators

Whether you're taking science courses in university or working as an engineer, there's a type of calculator that'll help you get your stuff done.

Basic Calculators

Perfect for younger students or anybody who prefers the tactile feedback of a button-based interface, these simple, non-scientific calculators are great for tallying up a bunch of figures and performing basic math functions. Solar calculators are equipped with a small solar panel that powers up the device, eliminating the need for batteries.

Financial (Accounting) Calculators

Accountants and other financial professionals speak a language that's uniquely theirs, with terms like "amortization schedules" and "time-value-of-money calculations." Financial calculators are designed to make these finance-based calculations faster and easier.

Printing Calculators

Have you ever tried to plug a long string of numbers into a regular calculator, only to discover at the end that your total is wrong? A printing calculator can help make the job easier by showing you a running tally of your figures.

The paper "tape" the machine prints out not only makes it easier to follow the string of numbers, it can also allow you to attach related materials like receipts – a useful feature for restaurants and small businesses.

Scientific Calculators

These devices are equipped with functions that go beyond the basic stuff like addition and multiplication. Scientific calculators feature capabilities like fractions, trigonometric functions, logarithmic operators, and much more. These tools are essential for students or professionals who need to tackle difficult math problems.

Graphing Calculators

There are some complex, math-related tasks that scientific calculators just aren't suited for, which is why we have graphing calculators. These devices allow you to graph functions and manipulate algebraic equations, and they feature larger displays. Many of these models are also programmable calculators, allowing you to create your own programs or download ones created by others.

Calculators Vs. Smartphone Apps

Since smartphones are nearly everywhere, some people might ask why we need calculators at all instead of downloading a calculator app? Here are some reasons why calculators still have a place in our world:

  • Calculators don't get texts and Twitter notifications, which can be very distracting.
  • Using a calculator is quicker than waking your phone, swiping over to find the calculator app, tapping on the app, then waiting for it to load.
  • Many calculators are designed to perform special functions.
  • Advanced calculators are often used by students, who might not be allowed to bring a smartphone into the classroom or exam room.
  • Calculator batteries will usually last longer than phone batteries, especially during a long workday.