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Cordless Phones: A Convenient Way to Stay Connected

In an age when nearly everybody has a cell phone, the need to have a landline phone at home has declined. After all, if you've got a cell or smartphone you carry around almost everywhere, why do you need another phone you only use at home? 

However, when you hear about the convenient and innovative features built into a lot of cordless phones, you might want to give them another look. Also, if you have poor cell reception in your home, then a cordless phone is the easiest way to ensure you can make and receive calls (which can be vital in emergency situations). 

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Innovative and Useful Features of Cordless Phones 

Bluetooth Connectivity 

Have you ever heard your cell phone ringing in another room of your home and had to do your best Usain Bolt 100-metre dash imitation to pick up the phone before it goes to voicemail? It's happened to all of us. 

Some cordless phone models feature Bluetooth connectivity, which means they can wirelessly connect with your smartphone and channel any calls through a cordless phone handset. This Bluetooth technology basically makes the cordless phone an extension of your smartphone and reduces the need to pay for a separate landline or VoIP (phone service over the internet) subscription. 

So, the next time you get a call, instead of doing a mad dash through your house all you have to do is walk calmly over to the nearest handset and answer the phone. 

DECT 6.0 for Clear Call Quality 

Most wireless home phones feature DECT 6.0 technology, which makes voices sound clearer and more natural. It also reduces the interference you might get from other electrical devices like your microwave. 

Multiple Handsets 

When it comes to the convenience of having a phone nearby, more is definitely better. Most cordless phones either include multiple handsets, or allow you to purchase additional handsets separately as needed. If you have mobility issues or you're just not a fan of running between rooms to pick up calls, having a handset in almost every room can be a huge convenience. 


Another benefit of having handsets in multiple rooms is the ability to easy communicate between the handsets. Whether you want to tell your kids to come down for dinner or ask your spouse to bring you another drink (very politely, of course), the intercom feature can be extremely useful. 

Multiple Line Support 

Maybe you're running a business out of your home, or you've got a teenager who wants their own phone line. Look for a cordless phone system that can handle 2 lines, so you don't have to buy two different phones. 

Built-in Answering Machine 

Most phone service providers have their own digital voicemail system, which requires you to dial in to hear your messages. For a more convenient solution pick up a cordless phone that has its own built-in answering machine. This provides a quick and easy way to access messages, and it also allows you to screen calls by listening to them in real time. 


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