Dash Cameras


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FAQs about Dashboard Cameras

What are Dash Cams?

Today’s dash cams are more than simple cameras sitting idly on your dashboard. Many top models are equipped with great functions like motion detection sensors that automatically turn the camera on when nearby movement is detected. This feature is great for outside parking at night. Similarly, features like wide angle lenses, built-in Wi-Fi, dual channel functionality, integrated GPS systems, and large volume memory cards are turning today’s dash cams into high-tech security tools that serve to protect your vehicle both while you’re driving it and when it’s parked. Put modern technology to work for you; protect your car with the ever-watchful eye of a feature-rich dash cam!

Why buy a Dash Cam?

If seeing is believing, then why not see it all with a high resolution dash cam? These cameras not only see everything that enters their field of vision, but they record what they see for your protection. In a court of law, a dash cam makes the perfect eye witness—these witnesses have a flawless memory. Their unbiased testimony is absolutely unimpeachable! Having one on your side could mean an open and shut case. Dash cams can even protect you against fraudulent insurance claims or denials by insurance companies that would otherwise wish to blame you for someone else’s recklessness. There’s no doubt about it, dash cams provide the ultimate in protection for both car & driver!

Complete Vehicle Security: Car Alarms

Whether driving or parked, your car deserves around the clock security and protection, and there’s no better way to accomplish this than with a professionally installed car alarm. With the right alarm installed, your vehicle will be secure day & night, and you’ll be protected against even the boldest theft and break-in attempts. With the complete security of a car alarm protecting your vehicle, you’ll enjoy total peace of mind always—even when parked on the street overnight!