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Intro to Fryers and Grill Appliances

Cooking is a universal activity. Pretty much in every household there is some sort of cooking going on every day. However, how people cook isn’t always universal. While most rely on the common kitchen stove with its burners and large oven to heat and cook their meals, many more also prefer to utilize a vast array of available smaller speciality kitchen appliances such as fryers or grills to prepare food for the family. Here’s what you need to know about the versatility and usefulness of these kitchen appliances.

What is a Fryer?

Commonly used for “deep frying,” a fryer is a kitchen appliance that uses heated oil to cook food quickly, and to add a crispness to the outer layer. Many fryers feature baskets to raise food clear of the oil when it is done cooking, as well as different options such as alarms, ventilation systems to reduce odours, and mechanical or electronic temperature controls. Commonly, fryers are used to make home versions of fast food favourites such as French fries or fried chicken.

What is a Grill Appliance?

Kitchen grills have a vast variety of uses, and also come is the specialized variety, as well. Grilling involves applying direct dry heat to the surface of food, commonly from below or above, involving a significant amount of heat, and tends to be used for cooking meat or vegetables quickly. Usually, kitchen grill appliances essentially consist of one or two heated plates that are hinged together. This kitchen appliance category includes things such as sandwich makers, griddles, skillets, waffle makers and other speciality grilling devices.

Why Use a Fryer or Grill in the Kitchen?

Using a smaller kitchen appliance such as a fryer or grill often means less clean up afterwards. Instead of using your stove burner and a frying pan filled with oil, which can also be dangerous if you are not careful, a deep fryer is a cleaner, safer method for cooking your food in oil. Certain models of fryer also let you control the temperature, so your oil does not get too hot, and their enclosed design also means no splatters all over your kitchen.

Indoor electric grills offer the same convenience. It is a lot easier to use a indoor grill to cook something than to dirty up a bunch of pans preparing a meal. You just throw the food right on the heated grill, then wipe it down when you’re through. Plus, grills are ideal for cooking meals right when the weather does not permit you to barbecue outdoors.

The Benefits of Cooking with a Fryer or Grilling Appliance

Again, if you like to fry foods, a fryer kitchen appliance is a much safer and efficient method for getting the job done. Some fryers can also offer a healthier way to deep fry your favourite foods. For instance, hot air fryers utilize a hot air circulation system for more effective cooking using far less oil than conventional fryers. In addition, some fryers feature heated plates or even separate basket compartments, so you can prepare two dishes simultaneously. So, you can cook both your fish and chips at the same time and using the same appliance.

Cooking with a indoor electric grill is a very healthy option for meal preparation. That’s because, with things like meats, a indoor electric grill allows the fat to run off and collect elsewhere, making your food healthier. And, as stated earlier, an indoor grill is pretty much an essential for when the weather is inclimate, or you just don’t want to use your outdoor barbecue for food prep. And only a speciality grill such as a waffle maker can make those perfectly pocketed waffles that hold the syrup so well. You just can’t do that on a stovetop. A good-sized grill can also allow you to prepare a buffet of food easily, and with little clean up. Making an entire breakfast on a stovetop would require multiple frying pans and a lot of clean up. However, using a grill, you can cook eggs, bacon, and hash browns all on the one single surface, and just wipe it clean when you’re done, no muss, no fuss.

Meals to Make with a Fryer or Grill Appliance

The sky is really the limit when it comes to meals you can create with these small kitchen appliances. Anything you would wish to fry up, from delicious golden brown and crispy French fries to battered fish, perfect fried chicken to vegetable tempura, a home fryer can get it done more efficiently and cleaner than using a traditional fry pan filled with hot oil. Desserts are also a snap using a fryer, allowing you to easily make treats such as apple fritters or donuts in little time.

Grills are also very versatile kitchen appliances, offering you the ability to make simple and delicious meals very quickly. From burgers and steaks, to vegetables and sides, a grill offers a healthier way to sear and cook your food indoors. Anything you would usually cook on a barbecue or in a fry pan can be cooked on a grill, really, from full breakfasts to dinner kebabs, and everything in-between

As you can see, fryers and grilling appliances offer versatility in the kitchen and an easier and cleaner alternative for when you don’t want to use your conventional stove. They offer specialized cooking methods for more efficient, healthier and sometimes (in the case of deep frying) more safely prepared meals. And far from being niche kitchen tools, fryers and grills have now become “must-have” appliances to compliment any cook’s meal prep gear.