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Whether you’re chatting with your friends online or listening intently for the footsteps of your enemies, you’re going to need a good headset. A great headset will produce clear, balanced sound, and provide comfort for long periods of wear. Best Buy Canada has a wide selection of gaming console headsets from a variety of different manufactures to suit your needs.

Platform Compatibility

The first thing you need to consider when finding the perfect gaming console headset is which platform(s) you play on. From there, you will need to decide if you will use the same headset for more than one console. Many brands of headsets will work on multiple consoles such as the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. It is important to check to see if additional adaptors are needed to get the specific headset working with multiple gaming consoles.

Wired or Wireless Connection

Gaming console headsets can be either wired or wireless, run on Bluetooth technology, or require a separate base plugged into your gaming console. For example, the PlayStation 4 can use Bluetooth technology, while the Xbox One and Wii U cannot. Although Bluetooth is the most flexible option, proprietary wireless connections generally offer better audio quality and a stronger signal.

Headset Style

If you’re planning to wear a headset for long gaming sessions, you’ll want to look for a headset that is non-intrusive and comfortable. How comfortable your headset will mainly depends on the style of headset you choose, a factor that will affect how the ear cups sit on your ears, and the headset's weight.

The traditional over-the-ear design headsets are intended to fit around your ears, and fully enclose them. This type of headset style are soft, breathable, and ensures a secure fit. Similar to over-the-ear headsets, on-ear headsets are often constructed of lighter materials, offer a greater portability, and give you a more natural “open” sound. These type of headsets tend to allow more of the environment in since they do not completely close off your surroundings like over-the-ear models.

Sound Quality

A headset with superior, crisp, and clear sound is essential when it comes to choosing the right gaming headset. Picking up on in game and environmental sounds can give you a tactical advantage against your foes that will take your game to the next level. With lightning fast reactions to sound queues like footsteps and gunfire, your enemies will never know what hit them.

In addition to stereo sound, some headsets offer surround sound. This multi-channel sound system concept creates a hyper realistic auditory experience that allows you to hear sounds from many different angles. If you mainly play first-person shooter games or action games, you should look for a gaming headset with a surround sound function.