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Hoverboards and Skateboards

Enjoy the outdoors year-round with a fun self-balancing hoverboard or skateboard. Shop a wide selection from brands like Swagtron and Segway at Best Buy

Get Rolling with a Hoverboards or Skateboard

Does the thought of sailing down the street on two or four wheels get your pulse racing? If so, then consider adding a self-balancing hoverboard or skateboard to your arsenal of sports equipment. Best Buy currently has a great selection of hoverboards and skateboards from brands like Swagtron, Segway, and Tony Hawk.


Take your outdoor recreation to a whole new level with a hoverboard from Best Buy Canada. Also called self-balancing scooters, hoverboards are sure to be big hits this holiday season. While the hoverboards of 2016 aren’t quite like those from Back to the Future that actually hover, they certainly make for a great time, and there’s no shortage of options available to you.

First of all, they offer no shortage of features. Take for example Swagtron’s Bluetooth capability, which is perfect for those who love music but also want to keep their ears open to their surroundings. With the Swagtron hoverboard, you can stream music directly through the board itself so you can fly down the street in style to your own theme song.

All of the self-balancing hoverboards available at Best Buy are also UL 2272 certified, which is a standard that provides a strict framework under which self-balancing hoverboards are evaluated, tested, and ultimately given the seal of approval that they are safe and will not catch fire.Add to that the fact that the hoverboards available at Best Buy all have Learning Modes, and you are perfectly set up to learn how to navigate the board before you launch in to Standard Mode where the speed can reach its maximum.


If a motorized board on wheels isn’t quite what you’re looking for, a skateboard is always a great option. Whether you’re looking to perfect your kick-flip, heel-flip, Ollie, or custom tricks, Best Buy Canada has a skateboard from brands like Tony Hawk and even Star Wars that is ideal for your needs.

Weighing the Options

Whether you’re looking for a hoverboard or skateboard, it’s important that you know what you want before you buy. Each has its own pros and cons, and fun features. Do you want to stream music through your hoverboard? Do you want something non-motorized? No matter what you’re looking for, Best Buy has you covered!

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