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A Quick Look at Your Mouse & Keyboard

The right mouse and keyboard are an integral part of any laptop and desktop computer setup. If you need room to move a wireless combo will keep you free from the restriction of cables, while a keyboard and mouse designed for gaming will give you even more controls to play with. And if you’re always on the move with a laptop or netbook, you’ll be able to find a compact mouse – wireless or not – from great brands including Logitech, Microsoft, HP, Apple, Razer, Rocketfish and more from Best Buy.

Learn More about Your Mouse & Keyboard

When you’re looking for freedom from wires and extra cables, a wireless mouse and keyboard are the ideal choice. Made for laptop or desktop computers, you simply plug a small USB receiver into an available port and you’re good to go. And with a couple of store-bought alkaline batteries, a wireless keyboard and mouse can last months (depending on usage, of course).

A gaming keyboard or mouse will give you a competitive advantage over your opponents. These models come equipped with more functions that are designed strictly for getting into your favourite games. Some models even offer customizable buttons that you can use to create the ideal setup for your needs. Plus, every model works as great as a traditional keyboard and mouse too.

If you’ve got a laptop or netbook and the trackpad just isn’t doing it for you, a laptop mouse could be the right choice. These mice are usually ultra-compact in size but offer much of the same functionality as regular-sized mice. Most models are also wireless – although you can pick up a wired mouse if it suits you – and come with a USB receiver that’s often so small you can leave it plugged in indefinitely.

Keyboard and mouse combos are bundled together and are ideal for replacing your older or damaged models. They are usually designed to work effectively together, each with features that will complement the other. And whether you choose a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse combo, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your needs.

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