Open Box Appliances

Only available in B.C., Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and P.E.I.

Why buy an open box appliance?

They’re discounted from the regular price
They’ve been fully tested
They’ve never been used
They include the manufacturer’s warranty
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1 - 32 of 550

Open Box Appliances: As-New Products for a Lower Price

You know what's better than bringing home a brand new major appliance? Bringing home a major appliance for a lower price! That's exactly what we're offering with our open box appliances: products in good condition with prices that are marked down. 

What is an open box appliance?

Wondering what "open box" means? This label is applied to appliances that were returned by customers without being used. Open box does NOT include used appliances that weren't working properly and had to be fixed. 

Open box appliances can fall into two categories: perfect condition or minor scratches and dents.

Perfect Condition

These open box appliances go through a detailed inspection process to ensure they're in perfect condition, with no damage, faults, or missing parts or accessories. They're just like new, although the packaging might be different. 

Minor Scratches and Dents 

Some open box appliances have small cosmetic dings or marks on the sides or back, which means they're probably not visible when the appliance is installed in your home. Otherwise they work just like new.