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Shoot to Live with a Point and Shoot Camera

To capture life's spontaneous adventures and precious moments, a point and shoot camera offers unmatched simplicity and convenience. A compact camera that's lightweight and easy to use won't slow you down or steal focus (no pun intended) when want to want to capture a moment quickly and candidly. There's a wide variety from top brands like Canon and Nikon to choose from, with impressive performance, and an abundance of functions and features to consider when shopping for the best point and shoot camera for your needs.

Affordable and Automatic

Even the most expensive point and shoot cameras are far more affordable than the average DSLR or Mirrorless alternative. You may not get the flexibility of manual control or interchangeable lenses, but you do get functions that are optimized and automated for the most common shooting conditions. Autofocus, automatic exposure, flash, and sometimes built-in optical and digital zoom make it almost effortless to get a great shot.

Capture High Resolution Photos and High Definition Video

With powerful sensors capable of capturing incredibly high resolution photos, sometimes over 20 megapixels each, the convenience of point and shoot doesn't have to be a compromise in quality. With so much pixel information you can easily crop and enlarge photos for printing, or manipulate images using powerful photo editing software. They can record HD and often Full HD 1080p video, so you can capture exciting moments with remarkable clarity.

Durable and Dedicated to the Job

Designed for use on-the-go, point and shoot cameras are built sturdy and resilient. There are even waterproof and shockproof models available for those who want to document some seriously wild adventures. Independent from other technology, unlike a camera phone, every component of a compact digital camera is there to support your photography. So despite being similar in size and weight to a smart phone, a point and shoot can still offer superior performance and results.

Easy to Shoot, Easy to Share

Part of what makes a point and shoot so easy to use is its electronic display, usually a generously sized LCD screen that helps you frame your shots and shows you what they'll look like with all the settings and in-camera filters applied. Many offer touchscreen function that makes it easy to change settings and select features. Lots of point and shoot cameras use highly compatible SD card storage, and even offer WiFi connectivity, which make it incredibly easy to transfer and share your photos.