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FAQ About Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Here's the dilemma: You've just got comfortable on the sofa after a long day and an undeniable craving hits you. There's a specific ballad you need to hear right now but the sound system is waaaay over on the other side of the room and the sofa is so comfortable... Here's the solution: wireless Bluetooth speakers. They have the technology to let you play music without cables, without fuss, and most importantly, without having to get up. If you'd like to know more, check out these answers to some commonly asked questions.

Why do you need a portable Bluetooth speaker?

Delivering big, bold sound at your fingertips, portable Bluetooth speakers stream playlists from your phone or other device in seconds, without the restriction of a cable. Most wireless speakers are compact and easy to tote around but that doesn't mean they skimp on sound quality. Today's portable Bluetooth speakers are loaded with some seriously advanced sound technologies and powerful drivers that deliver your favourite songs in rich, crisp clarity.

Where can you use a portable Bluetooth speaker?

Coming in all shapes and styles, there's a portable Bluetooth speaker for every scenario, home or away. Whether you're craving some tunes while you wash the dishes in the kitchen, chill in the back garden with family, or rail around Europe with friends, there are portable Bluetooth speakers compact enough to be carried across the street or across the globe.

What features should you look for in wireless speakers?

If hiking trails and pool parties are your thing, look for rugged speakers that can shrug off anything life throws at them. Water resistant (or splash-proof) models will keep pumping out the audio even if a drink gets spilled on them or they're caught in a rain shower. Waterproof models take it further with designs that can handle a dunk in the pool for a limited amount of time. Dust-proof and snow-proof speakers are tightly sealed to keep dust and snow away from sensitive electronic components. Shock-proof speakers are tough enough to take a beating and keep on playing.

You might also want to consider compatible technologies like Wi-Fi, AirPlay, or NFC. A 3.5 mm jack lets you connect to Bluetooth-lacking MP3 players and iPods, while an integrated mic in Bluetooth speakers allows convenient hands-free phone calls.

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