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Making Sense of Smoke and Flood Monitors

The best defence against the irreparable destruction that floods and fires can cause to your home is being prepared. Monitoring sensors like smoke alarms, flood alarms, and carbon monoxide alarms are literal life-savers that are affordable, easy to install, and offer smart home convenience. These sensors help you control your home security while preventing hazards to ease your mind.

Flood Alarms

You've probably heard the horror stories, or know first-hand, of belongings ruined by floods or floorboards damaged beyond repair. Water sensors monitor vulnerable areas in your home, near the washing machine, dishwasher, sinks, and water heaters, and detect when a leak happens. These sensors can both sound a siren and notify you remotely using your home WiFi network and a compatible smartphone. The notifications on your phone will help initiate a response early before any damage is done.

Smoke and Carbone Monoxide Alarms

The benefits of a smoke alarm are obvious to point where having one is usually mandatory in most homes, condos, and apartments. Smoke alarms with smart home functionality do more than trigger a siren. They alert you remotely with WiFi-enabled notifications on your smartphone, warning you of possible fires or poisonous carbon monoxide levels in your home. Smart home alarm systems like Nest can distinguish between levels of urgency in smoke and CO, so that you're not inundated with false alarms.

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