Smart Locks & Smart Door Bells

Control who comes and goes with keyless ease

Smart locks and doorbells let you answer or unlock your front door from anywhere, even when you’re far from home.


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FAQ About Smart Locks and Smart Doorbells

Smart locks and smart doorbells not only offer ultimate convenience, they can also provide peace of mind and keep your home safe. Not sure what to look for in a smart lock or smart doorbell? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions you may have.

What is a smart lock?

A smart lock is an electromechanical lock that can be locked and unlocked by using an authorized device such as a smartphone or tablet. Installed on doorways, smart locks receive instructions via Bluetooth or WiFi connections. WiFi connected smart locks offer more features as they can be accessed remotely.

What can I do with a smart lock?

Automatic unlocking

Tired of carrying heavy grocery bags and fumbling for your keys at the front door? Some smart locks connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to automatically unlock your door when you get in close proximity of your home. You can also use a key-sized fob instead if you don't have a supported smartphone.

Automatic locking

Constantly worrying about whether or not you left your front door unlocked? Some smart locks can be programmed to automatically lock your door once you've left the house so you never have to second guess yourself again.

Virtual keys and record logs

Other models log entry and exit activity and allow you to create virtual keys for just about anyone. This means you can give your housecleaner, pet sitter, or neighbour temporary access to your home, while being able to monitor their use of that access.

What is a smart doorbell?

Smart doorbells function like a normal doorbell but have the ability to connect to your home WiFi network. They also usually come with an integrated camera and 2-way audio. This means you can receive alerts when someone is at your door, remotely access your doorbell's camera to see who is it, and communicate with your visitor from your smartphone or tablet via a compatible app from anywhere in the world. Smart doorbells can be used as a security device. Many feature night vision, motion detection, and wide angle view cameras so you can monitor your property 24/7.

Can smart locks and doorbells work with other smart home products?

Smart locks and doorbells offer easy DIY installation and operate on their own through independent apps. However, they can be paired and integrated with certain smart home ecosystems. If you use a smart home ecosystem, make sure your desired smart lock and doorbell are compatible before making a purchasing decision.

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