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Tips on Finding the Right Smartwatch for your Lifestyle

Life is busy. Between work, friends, family and the gym there’s ample need to stay connected, but not a lot of time to do so. A smartwatch keeps you linked to your digital world when your phone is buried in the bottom of your briefcase or you’re barreling down a mountain trail on your bike. Using a smartwatch is easy–it’s figuring out what you need it to do that can be tough.

1. Understand the function

Smartwatches are designed to streamline the use of your smartphone when it’s not easily accessible. At their most basic, they push forward call, SMS, and email notifications that alert you by LED light or OLED readout. With this information readily available at your wrist, you can stay connected in a safer, faster, and more convenient way than ever before. 

2. Determine your needs

The array of available smartwatches caters to every situation and walk of life: 

Athletes will appreciate water-resistant models that can be worn during swims or rainy day jogs
• Social media advocates should look for smartwatches that provide real-time Facebook and Twitter updates 
• Photography fans will love devices with integrated cameras or those that allow for remote photo taking, acting as a shutter release for the cameras on their smartphones or tablets   

3. Do what you want

Besides giving you a more accessible platform for retrieving communication, calendar reminders, event notifications, fitness stats, and more, smartwatches can provide built-in storage, music playback control, and device finder features that help you locate lost cell phones. And with thousands of apps being developed from the Google Play and Apple stores, there is no end to the possibilities of what a smartwatch can do for you.

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