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FAQ About Sound Bars

With manufacturers edging towards slim and mountable TV displays, the TV's sound quality can often suffer. Because of the sleek panel designs of modern TVs, the audio quality is sacrificed simply for lack of speaker space on the unit. Sound bars, however, act as a speaker extension for your TV, improving the audio quality while using little real estate in your living area. Let's answer some common questions regarding sound bars and see if they're right for you.

What's a sound bar?

A sound bar is a long rectangular-shaped speaker that transmits sound from your TV either through a wired or wireless connection. Traditional sound bars have a plank-like design that can be mounted directly under the TV or somewhere more discreet in your living area. Some sound bars also come with a wireless subwoofer unit, which adds an element of bass to give you the best audio experience.

When do you need a sound bar?

Sound bars have gained popularity as a sound upgrade option because they take up much less space than conventional tower speakers. Often the limited speakers built into your TV are ill-equipped to deliver the surround sound experience you need with today's high-budget, FX-filled movies and TV shows. To properly hear those screeching tires in a car chase or the laser beam in a sci-fi movie, you'll need the added audio capacity of a sound bar.

What features should I look for in a sound bar?

One of the most important features to look for when shopping for a sound bar is Bluetooth technology. Even if your TV doesn't have Bluetooth capability to sync up with the sound bar, you'll be able to stream music from your Bluetooth-compatible smartphone or tablet. This gives the sound bar dual purpose as an extension of your TV and as a home stereo. Also look for the speaker's wattage output and reference it to the size of your entertainment room to determine how much volume power you need. Also consider the number of channels the sound bar has, as this will add to the surround sound effect.

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