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A Quick Look at Telephones and Communications

Corded and cordless telephones are still great ways to keep in touch with everyone in your life. Choose from a variety of handsets, or a model with a built-in answering machine and you’ll always have a reliable connection for every important call. And no matter what your needs, Best Buy carries a variety of smart communication devices from brands such as Panasonic, Motorola, VTech, AT&T, Recoton, and more.

Learn More about Telephones and Communications

corded telephone offers a solid, reliable connection to the outside world. Some models feature a vibrant display that will show you the time, recent numbers you’ve dialed, as well as caller ID details, too.

Cordless telephone bundles are perfect for any home and feature a handset – or handsets – that can be taken throughout your home without the restriction of a cord. Most models also feature DECT technology which helps keep every conversation crisp, clear, and free from interference.

Internet phones offer compatibility with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling. Quite simply, these telephones rely on your existing Internet connection and a phone adapter, so you can make and take calls. And just like traditional phone calls, this service requires a subscription, and works for both domestic and international calls.

Great for hiking, camping or the work site, two-way radios offer a long range so you can get in touch easily. These units are usually built tough for every adventure, and work on radio frequencies so if you get lost and separated from your crew, you can get in touch from just about anywhere.