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Get a Grip on Your Travel Luggage Options

Whether you’re travelling around the world or just taking a weekend trip somewhere nearby, having the right size and type of luggage is important. The latest luggage styles make it easier for you to get around, and many suitcases can even expand to fit all your travel needs. You also have a number of bag and tote options to bring onboard that not only hold all your essentials, but make you look good doing it too. Best Buy carries a massive luggage selection from well-known brands like Swiss Gear, TUMI, Via Rail Canada, Samsonite, Mancini, and IT Luggage.

The Making of a Travel-Worthy Luggage

Admittedly, looks are important when choosing a piece of equipment that's meant to stand out in the crowd (after all, hunting for a nondescript bag amidst a sea of dark colours can be a nightmarish experience). However, these bags are more than just attractive containers; they must also withstand rough handling, and go the distance in terms of durability. Travel luggage is primarily classified as hard-sided or soft-sided. Hard-sided bags, made of high-tech plastic like ABS or polycarbonate, carbon fibre, or aluminum, provide excellent protection and stack nicely. Fabrics on soft-sided bags yield more easily so they can compress to fit tighter spaces, and adjust to the shape of the contents to provide extra packing room.

Size and Purpose Go Hand in Hand

Air transport authorities don't abide by a universal standard for "carry-on" size. Generally speaking, bags under 22 inches pass muster, but it's best to consult airport as well as individual airline regulations for size and weight limits. Something to keep in mind: if your luggage is too hefty to lift by yourself, then it's best suited as a check-in. Totes, duffle bags, backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases and attaché cases are great bags to carry onboard, either for stashing in the overhead bin or underneath the seat in front of you. Upright check-in luggage between 23" and 27" are excellent sizes for those who travel often, or for work or leisure trips lasting several days. They give you plenty of room for multiple outfits, shoes, toiletries, and accessories. Large uprights over 28" are ideal for families and extended holidays as they provide an incredible amount of storage space, offering several interior and exterior pockets, as well as room for clothing hangers in the main compartment.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Travel Bags

Planning for a trip can be a confounding and hectic experience, but there's one thing you don't want to miss: carry-on and checked bag allowances. Know that size and weight specs can vary by final destination, connecting flight, and ticket class, so check your airline's requirements thoroughly. Spinner wheels, either 2 or 4 wheels that spin in any direction, come in handy when traipsing across extensive airports or manoeuvring in a lineup. Various travel accessories can make life a tad easier, like garment bags to keep business suits and dresses crease-free. For convenience and added protection, use a TSA-approved lock, which allows airport security personnel to examine your luggage without damaging the lock or luggage itself. Look for padded laptop storage, as well as dedicated pockets for gadgets and electronics, to keep your investment safe from bumps and jostles.

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