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Wallets: An Essential Accessory for Cash, Cards, & More

Fashionable, functional, and pretty much essential, wallets are one accessory that are here to stay. They live in pockets and purses, holding everything from credit cards and cash to receipts and rewards cards. From card holders and money clip wallets to clutch wallets and travel wallets, there’s an array of women’s and men’s wallets for any occasion. Find out more about the types of wallets for women and men and how they can fit into your lifestyle.

Types of Wallets for Men

Men’s wallets range from high-fashion leather wallets to simple money clip wallets. The best wallets for men are a matter of personal preference, but here are some common types of men’s wallets.

Bi-fold Wallet

A bi-fold wallet has one fold that opens into two sections. Its classic, slim design makes it a popular men’s wallet choice.

Tri-fold Wallet

A tri-fold wallet has two folds that open into three sections. This gives it more room for cards, cash, and receipts but also makes it bulkier than its bi-fold cousin.

Money Clip Wallet

A money clip wallet is a simple type of cash and card holder that’s great for carrying the bare minimum. Often made of metal, a money clip wallet is just what it sounds like – a clip that holds money. It can keep a wad of cash together and may even hold a few cards.

Slim Wallet and Minimalist Wallet

Slim and pocket-friendly, minimalist wallets have just enough space for your essentials. Designed to hold a few cards and bills, these wallets slide nicely into pockets without adding bulk. They’re the ideal men’s wallet for those who don’t like to carry a lot with them.

Types of Wallets for Women

Continental Wallet

A popular choice among wallets for women, the continental wallet is a long, rectangular piece that can fit unfolded bills and different types of currency. Various slots and compartments offer room for cards, cash, coins, and even travel documents – making the continental a great travel wallet.

Clutch Wallet

A clutch wallet makes a fashionable and functional substitute for a purse, especially when you only need to carry the essentials. Designed to be carried in your hand – or even under your arm – a clutch wallet offers lots of interior space for cards, bills, and sometimes even a phone.


A pouch is a roomier type of women’s wallet that offers space for a phone, cosmetics, and other small items. Some pouches have wrist straps, making them a cinch to carry around.

Card Holder

A card holder is a slim, compact type of wallet meant to hold cards and some cash. Because they’re slim and streamlined, card holders can slip into pockets and small purses with ease. They’re great to have when you need to run a quick errand or don’t want to carry a handbag.

RFID Protection in Wallets

The cards in your wallet hold precious personal information, and this information can get into the wrong hands if you don’t protect it. Thankfully, RFID wallets can help protect your information from identity thieves. They block RFID skimmers from scanning and stealing the personal information found in the RFID chips in your credit cards. Because of this, RFID wallets make great travel wallets.

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