Water Leak Detectors


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FAQ About Leak Sensors

A dripping pipe, water heater, appliance, or, worse, toilet can be a massive drain on your resources. Avoid the potential mess with a trusty leak sensor placed strategically around your home. It can save you from the headache, time-consuming repairs, and steep insurance claims once moisture turns into damaging mould. Check out these frequently asked questions about flood alarm systems.

What's a leak sensor?

A leak sensor is essentially a smart home water sensor. It's an ever-present watch dog that can instantly inform you when water seeps into places it shouldn't. As already mentioned, you can place the sensor wherever you need it most. Typical hotspots include the sink, bathtub, basement, garage, or attic.

How does a flood alarm work?

The sensor of the water alarm sits on the floor of a vulnerable area, or can be mounted on the wall or next to a leak-prone appliance. If the sensor detects moisture or gets wet, the flood alarm system alerts you by blasting a siren, notifying you on your mobile device, or combining both local and remote alerts. Some models also monitor temperature changes and humidity levels that can lead to frozen pipes or mould. The wireless versions typically connect via WiFi and work in conjunction with a proprietary app or software so you can view texts, push notifications, or emails on your smartphone, tablet, or computer while on the go.

What should I look for when shopping for a water alarm?

If a do-it-yourself setup appeals to you, see whether the sensor, hub/receiver, and any other accompanying component can work with what you already have, such as your existing WiFi network or phone cable. If you don't have the time, check out our Geek Squad setup service for home automation.

When buying the leak sensor, carefully read for any monthly fees, and what's required to download the compatible app or access the software for remote monitoring. A neat feature may be a power status indicator so you know when to recharge or replace the battery. More advanced systems offer add-on accessories that can stop the water leak as it happens.