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FAQ About Xbox One Games

Whether it's the latest blockbuster title or an Xbox-only exclusive, the Xbox One has a game for everyone. From sports and racing games to first-person shooters and multi-player music games, the Xbox One offers a next-gen gaming experience like no other.

What are the different types of Xbox One games?

Action and adventure

Like living your very own cinematic action movie, action-adventure games often pit your hero against seemingly impossible odds. These games often focus on combat and exploration.


Fighting games have come a long way since their days of arcade machine button mashers. You'll need to master complex fighting styles and use hit combos to reach the heights of the fighting elite.

First-person shooter

A staple of the next-gen consoles, first-person shooters or FPS games put you into the middle of a fire fight from your character's point of view. Shooter gameplay often pits you in unforgiving PVP (player-versus-player) combat, demanding precise, accurate hand-eye coordination and teamwork.


If you've ever dreamed about being a front man of rock band or just love to sing, music games let you play along with your favourite songs and live out your rock star fantasy. Guitar, drum set, and microphone accessories let you and your friends become the band.


More than just jumping from one platform to another with the goal of saving the princess, platform games still continue the simple, yet challenging jump and collect gameplay but have moved into more open world game experiences.

Racing and driving

Buckle up and feel your adrenaline pumping. Racing and driving simulators put you behind the wheel of your favourite cars and offer as close to a true-to-life driving experience as you can get without actually being in the car.


RPGs (role playing games) focus on story-telling and immersing the gamer in the world of the game. Add to that a complex character building system that includes everything from choosing a characters appearance and background to their combat style and profession, and you have a game that really lets you take on the role of your hero or heroine.


It's no surprise that sports games are a favourite of next-gen gamers. Sport simulators cover everything from hockey, soccer, and football to golf, rugby, and skateboarding.

What are the top games and which one(s) should I buy?

Unfortunately, there's no one answer to this question. Gamers are as diverse as the games they play. Xbox One gives you access to exclusive titles such as Halo, Gears of War, and Forza, but ultimately the best Xbox One game for you is the one that satisfies your gameplay, story, or combat needs.

What are Xbox One Kinect games?

Kinect games offer you a level of gameplay that extends beyond the Xbox controller. The Kinect accessory (sold separately) lets you play by tracking your physical movements to correspond to actions in-game.