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Unlock Total Home Entertainment With Xbox

From scoring the championship goal in an online match against you friends, to watching your favourite Blu-ray movie or streaming the latest Netflix series, Xbox consoles can handle all your digital entertainment needs.

Multi-Entertainment Consoles

The Xbox One is the flagship Microsoft console in Canada, but the Xbox 360 still more than holds its own. Each one provides entertainment options in the way of games, digital movie rentals, DVD/Blu-ray functionality, and a full suite of popular apps, such as Netflix. While the Xbox One leans heavily on Internet connectivity to give users the best possible Xbox experience, an "always-on" Internet connection is not required. The Xbox One also features a more efficient power system than the Xbox 360, so it won't consume a lot of energy.

Xbox-Exclusive Games and Franchises

Joining the Xbox ecosystem allows gamers to tap into exclusive game franchises that aren’t available on other gaming systems. These award-winning franchises include series such as Halo, the cinematic first-person shooter; Gears of War, the gritty third-person tactical shooter; and Forza Motorsport, the fast-paced racing simulator. A growing list of Xbox 360 games are also now backwards compatible with Xbox One, which means you can play select 360 games on both consoles.

Play (and Live) in the Cloud

The Xbox One console is powered by the cloud, which means you can instantly pick up where you left off in a game or a movie by logging onto any internet-connected console. A connection to the cloud also means your games and console are updated automatically, so you don't have to wait for bothersome downloads and installations when you turn the system on to play a game or watch a movie. Both Xbox One and Xbox 360 offer the ability to store your game saves on the cloud, which not only frees up space on your console's hard drive, but gives you the ability to access those game saves on any internet-connected Xbox console.

Motion Sensor Technology with Kinect

Kinect isn't required to use either the Xbox One or the Xbox 360, but connecting one to your console of choice unlocks a range of next-generation features that dramatically enhance your Xbox experience. These include motion sensor gaming, voice-enabled gaming, voice-activated settings, and facial recognition. With Kinect, you can verbally give your Xbox commands, turn your body into a game controller, and automatically sign in to your Xbox Live account simply by letting Kinect recognize your face.

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