Days Gone (PS4)

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  • Release Date: 04-26-2019


Do you remember how it all went down? Do you remember when living meant more than surviving? Days Gone for PlayStation 4 is a post-apocalyptic survival game set in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, where you need to unravel the mystery of end of the world.

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Welcome to the end of the world

  • Civilization as we know it has ended, destroyed by a vicious global pandemic that's killed billions and transformed millions of others into mindless, feral creatures called Freakers
  • Play as grizzled outlaw biker Deacon St. John, a drifter and bounty hunter who chooses to risk the dangers of life on the road, rather than remain holed up in a "safe" wilderness encampment

Hunt or be hunted

  • Enjoy the freedom to explore in a large-scale open-world game set in the mountains and volcanic high desert of the stunning Pacific Northwest
  • Fight for survival against individual Freaks, who jump from the shadows, and hordes of Freakers, who roam the highways in massive packs

ESRB Rating: M - Mature

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  • from Long Harbour

This game is excellent

This is a great storyline game plus the graphics are great as well

  • from Hamilton

3 dollars off?

Oh wow! A whole 3 dollars off? Thanks bestbuy! =D

  • from Canada

Not open world at all

Completely linear, most of map is locked until you progress through story. Story is mediocre, gets annoying fast. There is only one bike, customizing is also linear. Gas is pointless as it's everywhere. Not what I expected at all, and not in a good way.

  • from ON

Highly recommend!!

This game is fantastic, amazing story gameplay and graphics. The facial animation and voice acting really sell the story and add the emotion you expect to be there. The horde battles are insane. Not you're average zombie game. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys open world adventure.

  • from Toronto

awesome game

Great open world Zombie game. Beautiful graphics, tons of cool missions and interesting story. I am enjoying this game greatly. Awesome PS4 exclusive

  • from Canada


Good luck registering a shoot, and the bike is pointless.

  • from Toronto, ON

Don’t believe the negative reviews!!!

This is a fantastic game with beautiful visuals, a fantastic story and very satisfying gameplay. John Deacon is pretty interesting and the story is one of the highlights of this game! I actually think it is one of the most well fleshed out worlds in any of the PlayStation exclusives released in the last few years. Play the game and figure it out for yourself, even my review cant even scratch the surface. GAME ON!

  • from Regina, SK

Great game despite all the negative reviews

I dunno I got the game a week later even though it’s was expedited parcel. I read a bunch of bad reviews from websites and then read some actual gamers reviews. Yes they took waaay too long to put up the game and that killed the hype making people expect the best game of all time.... I’ve been playing it for a week now and it’s a great game, I’ve had almost one or two glitches but other than that it’s a pretty cool zombie game.




  • from Winnipeg, MB

Great Game

Pros the randomness out in the world fighting bandits and then a pack wolfs decide to join the party followed by a horde the map itself is fun to explore Decent NPC to interact with story there are patching the game regularly Con slight fps drops miss able quest

  • from Edmonton, AB

Days gone

From what I have had time to play I absolutely love it great game the graphics so much to do and explore and the challenge of it all is extraordinary by far one of the best games I’ve played looking forward to more game time with this title

  • from Apsley, On

Really good zombie game

Graphically has some glitches (from ambient occlusion which you can't just turn off on a console game). Really good game so far though, your bike runs on gas which you have to find in the world (you can buy gas at camps but found gas tanks are always free), the hordes are vicious and unforgiving, zombies will superman you off your bike if you get too close, good story with flashbacks and plenty to keep you interested. Would definitely recommend.

  • from Canada

Totally hooked

I was wary of buying this game because of the lukewarm reviews from big name critic sites. TRY IT YOURSELF. Im 20 hours in and totally hooked. It looks beautiful on PS4 Pro with HDR on. Night time is nerve-racking and the game presents quite a challenge just on the Normal difficulty. Gunfire feels gritty and realistic. Riding is smooth. Story and atmosphere are keeping me entertained and the map is HUGE

  • from Grande Prairie

Great game

I'm about ten hours in. Lots of fun. Just remember to save gameplay at designated locations, as you can't just quicksave anywhere. Puts the new World War Z game to shame!

  • from Edmonton, AB

Much Hype

Been hyped for this game since 2016. Wacthed all pre-gameplays and it looks great. Don't know why its so underrated but hopefully gets its recognition when it releases. Meanwhile I'm waiting for it to arrive just pre-ordered.

  • from Edmonton, AB

Much Hype

First heard about this game in 2016 and watched all trailers and pre-gameplays. Looks like a great game and ver hyped for it. Don't know why its so underrated but hopefully when its released it gets the recognition it deserves. Meanwhile I have it pre-ordered and will receive it on April 26.

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